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maybe if I lay low, love will fall around my door

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July 26, 2009 | 01:58am
Mood: suck it up.
Music: Someone Still Love You Boris Yeltsin - Glue Girls

Well, I now know how to read and write hangul. Kinda. It'd be pretty sweet if, y'know, I actually had a reason to use my new-found knowledge. I should probably practice a bit more before moving on to basic phrases/grammar/vocab. On the other hand, well, I'm kinda digging Welsh right now. And I can already feel my Russian decaying. Am I a language whore? Probably.

I've run 4 miles three times now, and it's going fairly well, I think. My run Thursday night was just - amazing. There's really no other word for it. My knee didn't hurt, the first three miles were downright easy (easy!! good grief), and I was in the zone. Good times. Tonight's run wasn't quite as pleasant: lot of cars were out and about and my knee hurt a bit. I also ran by at least five different house parties. Ridiculous. Pity no one passed me a beer.

Okay, so I'm trying to decide where to go from here with my running. I've been looking at a number of different training logs online (how to train for a 10k, a half marathon, etc), and every one has the number of miles staggered for every running day.

For example, in week 5 of Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Training log, you are required to run 4 miles Tuesday, 2 miles Wednesday, 4 miles Thursday, and 6 miles Sunday (as well as crosstraining/other exercises Monday and Saturday).

In contrast, what I've been doing is running the same amount every other day and occasionally increasing my amount once a week or so. So I've run 4 miles Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and on Monday I'll (possibly) move up to 4.5 miles.

I figure the running professional probably know what they're talking about... but I REALLY don't want to only run 2 miles! That feels like going backwards. I also don't like the idea of running three days in a row (like Hal Higdon's schedule), but... maybe I'll try it out this week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, then a proper run Saturday night. We'll see how that goes. I could probably mix and match weeks until I'm up to where I need to be - maybe 4/2/4/5 for a week, then 4/3/4/5, then 4/3/4/6, 4.5/3/4.5/7, and so on. I actually kind of like this idea. Maybe I'll do it!

I don't particularly like doing Facebook notes, so here's that survey I was talking about.

Three names I go by:
1. Adam
2. I only go by Adam.
3. and aodh, I guess.

Three things I have a lot of:
1. books
2. notebooks
3. water bottles

Three things I excel at:
1. researching
2. being verbose
3. accidentally injuring myself

Three jobs I have had in my life:
1. paper delivery boy
2. night monitor
3. election judge

Three things I would find life hard to live without:
1. books
2. my computer/the internet
3. running water/indoor plumbing

Three places I have lived:
1. Des Plaines, Illinois
2. Kirksville, Missouri
3. Bloomington, Indiana

Three things I want to do before I die:
1. live on or visit every continent
2. have children
3. get a book published

Three things I would like to get better at:
1. writing
2. running (harder, better, faster, stronger)
3. being more social

Three favorite drinks:
1. water
2. I only drink water.
3. And sometimes orange juice.

Three things I never want to do again:
1. fail
2. destroy a computer
3. work nights

Three things I definitely want to do again:
1. write a book
2. succeed at something
3. learn a language

Three TV shows that I watch:
1. Project Runway and all of its variants (Australia, Canada, UK)
2. America's Next Top Model and many of its variants (Australia, Canada, UK)
3. Bones

Three favorite summer activities:
1. running outside
2. wearing shorts
3. being warm

Three places I Have Been:
1. Maryland
2. West Virginia
3. Kansas

Three websites I spend the most time on:
1. facebook
2. livejournal
3. the straight dope
3.5. cnn/msnbc/bbc

Three of my favorite foods:
1. my big chicken dinner
2. turkey noodle casserole
3. throwing crap together and hoping it tastes good (it always does because I'm kinda awesome like that)

Three things I'm looking forward to:
2. Living in a foreign country!!
3. the future.

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