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paju, background check entry #9188459105

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July 6, 2009 | 01:19pm
Mood: ridiculous

More Korea nonsense:

1) Recruiter #1 has another school interested in me - it's an after-school English program at a public school in Paju. I am rather uncomfortable with the idea of living in Paju (it borders the DMZ, aka you can see North Korea from your bedroom window), so I went ahead and turned down the interview offer. Plus, it's supposed to be a rural, unpleasant city.

2) I called the Illinois State Police about getting a state-certified background check. I was on hold for a half hour, which pissed me off, but the woman I talked to was incredibly helpful. She told me that I could either get my background check through the mail, which would take up to two weeks, or I could do it the fast way.

The fast way requires me to get my fingerprints taken electronically at a Biometrics place. I can make an appointment online. My fingerprints would go into the system and be compared against other fingerprints. 72 hours later I would call back the IL State Police, ask for that woman, she would print out my background check, go across the hall, and get two notaries to certify it. Then she would mail it back to me to get apostilled.

The apostille part of the process is the fun part. Apparently the IL Department of the Index has an office in Springfield, which is where I've been mailing my CBC's, and another office in downtown Chicago. Once I get my background check, I can bring it downtown and get it apostilled in person, thereby negating the two week wait - and the necessity to go down to Springfield to do it in person. Amazing. The best part? This shit isn't on the state's website.

I've been going through so much drama getting this damn background check that it's passed the point of pissing me off and is veering into making me laugh uncontrollably every 2.54 seconds. This entire process is the textbook definition of "ridiculous."

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