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background check drama PART NINE MILLION

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July 5, 2009 | 08:30pm
Mood: wrist slitting

Just had an interview with the new recruiter. They seem pretty on top of things.

One bad thing he had to say: apparently Korea doesn't accept local (city) background checks anymore - as of three weeks ago. Now you need to get state certified background checks from the state police. Since they're certified there's no need to deal with a notary public - you can send it straight to be apostilled.

In other words: I have wasted the last 1.5 months of my life trying to get the wrong background check apostilled. I need to get a request form shipped to me from the State Police, fill it out, send it off, wait 2 weeks, then send it off to the state for the apostille. I'm going to call the State Police and the state department in charge of apostilles to see if I can get them both done in person. If so, a trip to Joliet and another trip to Springfield may be in my near future.

WHY ME?????????????????

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