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Criminal Background Check Part VI

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June 16, 2009 | 06:35pm
Mood: annoyed

I'm back in Des Plaines. Oh boy.

The train trip back was far better than the train trip down. Mainly because I actually managed to get some sleep. Of course, the douchebag sitting behind me felt the need to slam the tray into my seat repeatedly at 4am, but whatever. I'll take what I can get.

On that note, I'm just curious: would anyone be up to a cross-country train trip? We could hop on Amtrak in Chicago (or wherever's most convenient), go somewhere interesting (I'm thinking Montreal, Quebec City, Seattle, NYC, Florida - I don't care, somewhere), and visit the sites. It would be amazing, and, best of all: cheap. Let me know.

My grandmother is getting to the point where she is just going to give up with doctors if they don't do something ASAP. Considering how her blood transfusion the other day took from 8am-12am, I'm somehow not surprised.

So my father told me I got my CBC back last Thursday, while I was in West Virginia. As it was my last bit of paperwork to finish up, I celebrated, let my recruiter know, yada yada.

Well, I got home today and decided to open it up. Turns out they didn't apostille it. Why? Because the notary public who notarized it didn't sign it with his middle initial. So instead of "John E. Smith" he signed "John Smith." I have been screwed over by the letter "E." WHAT?!?!

Furious, I went to the currency exchange, told the woman there what happened, and she said that they'd been told the same thing. She re-notarized by CBC for free. Of course, one of her stamps was slightly off, so she handwrote in the correction (she changed it to "Cook County" from "Dupage County"). I'm going to mail it back tomorrow and hopefully the assholes will accept it. I'm just so sick of this whole thing. Why does this have to happen to me? WHY? I KNEW it was too good to be true. I KNEW IT.

Oh, and on the letter the sent back, they also wrote that I needed to include my phone number. Here's a little tip for ya: if your website doesn't say "write down your phone number," I'm not going to write down my phone number.

Since I'll be waiting another two weeks or so for my apostilled CBC to get back, and another four weeks or so for my visa, I think I may go ahead and sign up for the TEFL class in Chicago. I'll have the time.

So yeah, needless to say, I'm furious and tired and in a bad mood and I'm trying to figure out how to use my external hard drive. I've got too much porn to lose now. (I'm joking. Sorta.)

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(no subject)

from: aodh
date: June 17, 2009 08:34pm (UTC)

Kara! Understandable about this summer. Maybe sometime in the future? Or in another country - we could always do the Transsiberian Railroad. Or we could figure out some time that works for both of us, haha.

Yeah, I think I should probably get a CELTA certificate rather than a TEFL certificate, but it's a little short notice to get the CELTA and I'd like to already have a job afterward. Thanks very much, by the way. I have a friend who's teaching English in Japan right now with AEON - she's having a great time. You should look into them. :)

Hmm, I haven't been too into any bands lately, except for Grails (AMAZINGGGG post-rock) and Red Sparowes. You can DL Grails' albums here: http://www.thesirenssound.com/2009/05/02/grails/
My favorite albums are Take Refuge in Clean Living and Black Tar Prophecies, Vol. 1,2,3, although my favorite songs are Stoned at the Taj Again and Silk Rd. SO GOOD!!!

How about you? Any good new music I should know about? ;)

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(no subject)

from: sittingontrains
date: June 17, 2009 09:47pm (UTC)

Oh, thanks so much for the AEON link! That's just the sort of thing I was hoping for! Where in Japan is your friend living? Do you think she would possibly be willing to answer some questions from me at some point?

Yeah, I can understand that it's hard to get the CELTA. It seems like the most recognized one, and I wanted to get it last summer instead of just getting experience, but it's kind of expensive/hard to find a program. But I did find one in Poland near where my Polish friend lives, so maybe I'll do that sometime :)

Ooh I'll def download the Grails stuff when I'm on a faster connection. Stupid slow internet. As for other music, Marina and the Diamonds is definitely my current obsession, but have you heard anything by Dan Black? He's pretty cool. Did you hear Ellie Goulding's cover of "The Wolves"? That's a good song too.

Oh man, the Transsiberian Railroad would be insanely awesome. I'm soo up for it. As well as any other potential future train trips :)

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(no subject)

from: aodh
date: June 18, 2009 05:15am (UTC)

No problem! My friend is living in, um... Toyota, I think? I bet she'd be more than willing to answer questions from you, just let me know when you're interested so I can hook you two up. :)

Yeah, the CELTA is pretty expensive... I've actually looked into the CELTA program in Poland (Krakow, right?) - it's supposed to be quite good.

Yeah, I've heard HYPNTZ by Dan Black - I like it a lot. Nothing else by him though. And I've also heard "The Wolves" too - Ellie Goulding is good, but I'm getting a little bored with her, I have to admit. I want her to do something other than her eccentric electronic schtick! Although I do kind of like her cover of Sam Sparro's "Black & Gold" (which, if you haven't heard before, is AMAAAAZING).

Yes! We should have a Russian Club reunion on the Transsiberian Railroad. hahaha. :)

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