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I'm currently in a motel in Elkins, West Virginia.

We took Amtrak to Cumberland, MD Sunday evening. The train ride was interesting for, oh, the first two or three hours. Then it grew monotonous and incredibly dull. I had trouble sleeping, which only made matters worse. We arrived in Cumberland at about 9:30am Monday, walked a few blocks with all our luggage to a car rental place and rented a car. Then we drove the rest of the way here. I slept most of the way.

My family is okay I guess. My 86 year old grandmother's doing pretty well; she had sciatica (a pinched nerve) over the winter and is now in a wheelchair, developed diabetes (tragic for her, since she eats nothing but junk food), and just a couple weeks ago was in the hospital with an as-of-yet still undiagnosed condition. She was bleeding out... somewhere... but the doctors haven't been able to figure out where. Or why. Her iron levels were so low that the doctors were shocked she was still alive.

But yeah, beyond that, I feel like bashing my head against a brick wall whenever I need to associate with my Aunt Jo. She's... insane. And frustrating. And constantly up at the house. Her shrill voice literally makes me shudder. And she thinks she's being helpful when she spends 6 hours filling out a form, yelling out every little detail, with my (relatively deaf) grandmother. The form doesn't take 6 hours, dammit! It shouldn't take more than 15, at the most! She's incredibly inefficient. And she never leaves Jerry alone! I mean, Christ, he doesn't care about what the fuck you want! (He has Down's Syndrome and is severely developmentally disabled.) All he wants to do is play with his Barrel of Monkeys! He doesn't give a fuck about your stupid puzzles or dancing with you or listening to you screech! Okay. ENOUGH ABOUT THAT.

I don't know what's going on with the job search. Supposedly my recruiter is off sending my resume out to some more schools, but I haven't heard a thing since Friday. I'm looking into taking a TEFL class in Chicago next month, or maybe going through a different recruiter. Or going to a different country. Getting a little frustrated right now.

Next post will probably be a picture post. Sorry I haven't commented on anyone's entries, I've been kind of preoccupied. Plus, I only have internet access at the motel. Whatever. Right now I'm going to go straight to bed so I can go running in the morning. Let's just say... early mornings + mountains x running = death/amazing run. Plus, last time I went running I saw a turtle the size of a cat. How awesome is that?
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