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when you came in the air went out

No news on the job hunt.

Latest run: 15/15/6, 5 miles total. Not bad. Next time I run I'll be in West Virginia - no idea how that'll go. I don't think I'll be able to continue on at the pace I've been going, but I can certainly try. I don't know how the whole "different altitude" and "mountain" thing is going to affect my run. Maybe it won't.

Last night I did my laundry and today I packed. In a couple hours we'll head into Chicago to catch our train to Maryland at Union Station, and in Maryland we'll rent a car and drive to Elkins. It's weird to think this may be the last time I'll ever go to WV...

Yesterday I also got a haircut. It's... okay. My hair never looks that great, so whatever. I do look a little more "adult" though, which is probably a good thing, considering how, y'know, I'm an adult and all. Hmm.
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