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no job news, running, wv

No response yet re: the middle school job. I'm hoping I'll find out in the morning and not have to wait all weekend - or, even worse, for a week or two (or more?).

On a completely unrelated note, I'm still running. I've taken up running once or twice a year since my senior year of high school - when I lost weight - but the longest I ever kept it up was for a month or so. This time around it's been over two months and I'm still running. I'm rather pleased with myself. According to Gmaps Pedometer, my current route is 4.95 miles.

I was surprised to discover that I'm doing almost 5 miles. To be honest, I was aiming for 3 miles and planning to hit 5 by the end of the summer - that was my goal. What I did when I was in Kirksville was time myself running a mile (slightly over a mile) at the track while going at a steady pace. That was 12 minutes. Since then I've been doing three sets of 12 minute runs, with 3 minute walking intervals in between (plus a ~5 minute warm up and ~5 minute cool down).

However, I really want to be able to do this entire run - all +36 minutes - without any walking breaks. So last week I decided to shake things up a bit: I've been cutting off 2 minutes a night from my third 12 minute run and putting them onto the first two runs.

This is what I mean:
instead of 12 minute run/3 minute walk/12 minute run/3 minute walk/12 minute run
I did 13 minute run/3 minute walk/13 minute run/3 minute walk/10 minute run
and tonight I did 14/3/14/3/8.

And just for the hell of it, here is how much I ran/walked tonight:
run - .4
walk - .12
run - 1.3584
walk - .1813
run - 1.4
walk - .1428
run - .7973
walk - .1521
run - .2192
walk - .1736

Before long I, obviously, want to get that down to 18/3/18, and then I'll probably go for 20/3/20, and then I'll go for a straight 40. At around that time I plan to increase the number of minutes I'm running - 50 or 60 maybe. I don't know how many miles that'll be, but it should be quite a few. I also want to start running 5 days a week, but I dunno if that'll happen. (I'm currently doing 3/4 days a week.)

In the mean time, in my attempt to Get Fit & Slim The Fuck Down, I've started to cut down on how much I eat (which is usually quite a bit - there's a reason I started to run, after all), and on days I don't go running I walk instead. I don't really do anything that isn't running or walking. Tonight I did some stretches, crunches of various types, and some push-ups. I don't really like to lift weights - and I don't have any desire to get a gym membership - so I'm just doing this. It's good enough for now, I guess. Really, I just want to keep running. I really do enjoy it, and I like the effects it has on my body as well; I've definitely been slimming out a bit.

This weekend my mother and I will be going to West Virginia for a week, possibly for the last time ever, to visit relatives. We'll be taking a train to Maryland and then driving from there. It'll be interesting. I do plan to do some running while I'm there, although I don't know how the elevation will affect my running. I doubt I'll be doing as much as I am right now. On the plus side, I'll be able to say I've run in four states all together.
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