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In which I discuss my first job interview as an adult and contemplate slitting my wrists.

I just had a job interview with a school in Suwon, South Korea. Suwon is a satellite city of 1.1 million people just outside of Seoul. (Wikipedia, Galbijim)

What happened to the hagwon in Ilsan? Well, when the public school expressed its interest this morning, my recruiter told me that asking for an interview was pretty much a formality, and I had to chose between the two. I chose the public school, because, frankly, that's what I wanted to begin with. And I like the name of the public school better than the private school. (What?)

Basic information about the school: it's a public middle school with a start date of August 30. I'll be making 2 million won/yr. It's through the GEPIK program – think JET, only for South Korea, and only for the province surrounding Seoul. (The other provinces have their own program, EPIK, and Seoul has its own program as well, SMOE.)

The interview lasted all of 5 minutes and I don't think the woman interviewing me understood what I was saying. Then she switched me over to the current English teacher in the school and I had to talk about myself. It went well enough, I guess, but I'm feeling down on myself and I can't help but think it went poorly. Maybe it's just the post-interview blues? I DON'T KNOW. I'm just depressed and contemplating slitting my wrists. I AM GOING TO BE JOBLESS AND WORTHLESS FOREVER. FUCK.

I'll find out if they want to hire me within, oh, 24 hours or so. Until then I'm probably going to go for a walk and stop at Walgreens while I'm out and buy junk food and come home and crawl into bed and weep away the night over an episode of Canada's Next Top Model, a carton of ice cream, and a bag of potato chips, and maybe I'll even break out that coconut rum I've been meaning to try but haven't because a) it's been in a different state than me for the last five months and b) I don't drink, but so what. Yeah I'm being melodramatic but SO WHAT I DO THAT SORT OF THING SOMETIMES OKAY. GEEZ.

(tbh I'm just full of shit. I will go for a walk, but that's because I'm feeling fat and I was going to go for a walk regardless of the results of this interview.)

Oh, and I may be ridiculous, but holy shit this is funny: Betty Bowers Explains Traditional Marriage to Everyone Else. "The family who slays and lays together, stays together."
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