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An interview!

I received an interview request today.

The school in question:
City: Ilsan, a satellite city of Seoul, pop. ~500,000 (Wikipedia, Galbijim)
Type: hagwon (private), kindergarten/elementary
Starting date: July 25
Monthly salary: 2.2m won/~$1750 USD (at today's exchange rate)
Hours: 10:00-19:00
Housing supplied

Since I received the interview request, I've been obsessively researching Ilsan and the hogwan in question. While it is a franchise of hogwans and the quality of each school varies, this specific school looks pretty legit. Based on what I've read, a school only interviews the candidates they are most interested in hiring.

Needless to say, I am excited. And nervous. God, I hate phone interviews. Hopefully I won't be called while I'm out running...

Oh, and my transcripts arrived. When ordering them I checked a button that would have them sent when my diploma was posted, so I'm assuming my diploma is also on its way. Good - the sooner I get my documents together, the sooner I can send them out and be on my way.
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