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An entry in which I use the word "whatever" approximately 95 times.

I know I've been posting a lot of random shit lately, but dammit, I have unlimited internet access and free time (sweet jesus do I have free time) so that's why I'm posting like a motherfucker. Plus, this is my journal and I can blog if I want to. Did a song by a 60s girl band just pop into your head? God I hope so.

We had Indian tonight. God was that amazing. I mean. Hoooooly shit. I haven't had Indian in years, but I'd eat it every day of the week if I had the opportunity. Maybe I should look into working in India? (Or maybe just on Devon Avenue. WHATEVER)

I just got a message on a gay social networking site I frequent asking "wazzup???" The guy's profile picture was a shot of his erect cock. My response: "Your dick, apparently."

I need to get out of here ASAP because my parents and I are this close to killing each other. I love them, really, I do, and I'm more close to them than most of my friends are to their parents - but I don't think I can be in the same state as them for five minutes without wanting to claw out my eyes or defenestrate myself or something. AGONY. I can haz Korean job plz?

Oh, and I'm kind of starting to become worried about the whole North Korea thing. Kim Jong-il needs to die ASAP or something, because I don't need that motherfucker fucking up my goddamn future. Seriously. I'd probably cut a bitch if that happened. (Or I'd be like dead or something. Which would also blow. But whatever!)

And on another note: am I supposed to like Lady Gaga's music or something? Because tbh it's really kinda boring. I listened to some of it on youtube last night and, frankly, I wasn't able to get through any of the songs I started playing. Is she supposed to be famous for her constant lack of pants or for her music? 'cos I understand the former but the latter just doesn't make sense. Does this even make sense? I DON'T KNOW. I'M BABBLING. Whatever.
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