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I settled down then at last

Good grief. It's really coming to an end.

Tuesday I met up with Amanda on the quad, where we got free hot dogs. Thank you, Greek Life! You may consist of nothing but assholes and rancid twats, but at least you share your leftovers! We then went over to her house where I helped her pack. I also had the opportunity to take a gander inside the trunk of her car and pick out some books. See, she was a member of the English honors fraternity (president, actually), and a few weeks ago they had a book sale. They didn't sell everything, so I got to go through what books were left. I ended up with 12 books - all completely free. That's what I get for procrastinating!

Tuesday evening I went for a run. For a change, instead of heading to the stadium and running there, I ran on random back roads. It was excellent. I went out to the University Farm and over by campus. It was an excellent run. I really felt it Wednesday.

Wednesday I did absolutely nothing productive. It was amazing.

Thursday - today (well, technically yesterday now) - I had to go to campus for my Peoples final. It wasn't really a final; I just had to watch people give presentations. You see why I considered my finals over as of Monday. It was okay. Dr. W gave out grades on our papers and presentations from last week, and I somehow eked out an A on both. That means I probably got an A in the class. I am absolutely thrilled. With the amount of reading and effort I put into that class, I definitely think I deserved it.

After the final, I had lunch with Jeff. Then I came home. Then I did more nothing. I did go for another run, again out to the University Farm, and most of the time I was running it was drizzling a bit. And while I was out in the boonies - uh, more out in the boonies than usual - I could see a thunderstorm somewhere down south. It was just ridiculously beautiful. No shit. Oh, and my body is kinda dying a little. It's excellent.

So now I don't have anything left to do until my parents come down Saturday and help me start moving out. Apparently on Saturday there'll be a graduation party at the Brothel, Amanda's house, but I don't know if I'll go. Depends on the time. I'll still be here in Kirksville for another week and a half or so, so if anyone is going to be here... let me know. We can hang. Or whatever.
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