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OKAY SO. I'm pretty much done. I mean. Period. Flat out. FOREVER. (For now. Until grad school!)

Russian oral final: A+++. We ended up talking about types of peanut butter. This from a discussion on my opinion of the texts we read for class. What?

Russian written final: eh. I aced some of it (verbal adverbs, verbs of motion), kind of bombed other parts (the translation of the Ilf and Petrov text... more translation... ugh, I seriously forgot how to say "floor" and "tree" in Russian. I'm just talented like that I guess). But overall I almost definitely kept my B in the class. WHATEVER. Out of my hands now!

Russian Capstone: I was an idiot and lost my last sheet of edits, so what should have taken, um, not 4.5 hours did. I'm just kind of awesome like that. But WHAT THE FUCK EVER. I'm done. I've seriously spent something like 5+ hours a week on that thing all semester. And for what? A complete piece of shit... and not even a full chapter. Whatever. Out of my hands now!

Work: I'm here for 2.5 more hours and then I'm DONE WITH THIS SHIT FOREVER. I mean. I don't think it's possible to be more ecstatic than I am right now. Three years at this mindless, life-wasting, soul-sucking job... and this is it. As of 6am (possibly earlier, depending on when I leave), I'm done. I am so thrilled. This calls for, like, a total dance party. In my underwear. If only I weren't at work! Whatever. Out of my... well, you know. (Not that that fits this situation, but I'm okay with that.)

I still need to show up at Peoples Thursday morning, but that's just because I need to watch other people give their presentations. I already did that shit. Which is why I am done. FOREVER. Or whatever.
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