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in which i am stressed out and exhausted

I totally just finished writing my LAST PAPER of college. 11 pages, baby!

I'm so ridiculously relieved that I finished it. I've been getting very stressed out over it, and when I'm stressed I lose sleep, and I've only slept something like ten hours in the last three days so I'm kind of going insane.

The list:
- write a paragraph on the Il'f and Petrov story (Wed)
- construct the poster for my Peoples presentation (Thurs)
- finish up my articles project for Culture (Thurs)
- edit my Culture paper (Thurs maybe?)
- a paragraph on the Zdaronov (or whatever the fuck his name is) story (Fri)
- do the take-home Ancient Egypt test (Fri maybe?)
- edit my capstone translation (sometime soon? hopefully before this weekend)
- study for my Russian finals
- work Wednesday night + Saturday night + maybe during finals week, if I get up the motivation
- Russian majors farewell brunch (Sunday morning, ugh)
- Russian oral final + Russian written final (Mon)
- Peoples final (week from this Thursday - not a final, I just need to show up)
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