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A powerful thing

First off: hurrah for Vermont and (sort of) Washington DC! About damn time.

I got back my history paper the other day. I think I mentioned it a few days ago - it was four pages long and I wrote it in under an hour. I got an A on it. Well hot damn. Now I need to work on my next few papers: a 10-page research paper on contemporary and modern accounts/portrayals of the Mongol invasion into Russia in literature and film, and a 10-page research paper on the medical system of either Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan during the Soviet period. Well. Maybe. I may end up writing about the history of agriculture in Uzbekistan instead. How's that for an obscure and/or potentially useless topic?

God, I love my liberal arts education.

Last night/this morning at work I edited 5.5 pages of my capstone translation. I only have about 2.5 more pages to edit and I'll be done. I'm something like 10 pages ahead of schedule right now. Of course, at this rate I won't have Dr. J's comments on my edits for a couple weeks. Ugh.
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