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How can we get out?

I'm in a really good mood right now. This is a huge (massive, epic) change from earlier this week.

Possible reasons why I am in a good mood:
1) I am done with all of my studying for the week. Yes, all of it. The only studying I have to do now is for next week.
2) I've spent the last couple hours doing the next four pages (!!) of my translation. I mean. What the hell. That means I'm a page ahead of schedule. Hot damn!
3) I've been feeling really bad about myself lately, so last night I decided to do something about it - I went for a run. It was excellent. Of course, I'm in pain right now, but I'm not complaining. For a change I didn't overdo it.
4) Yesterday my mother received the birthday present I sent away for her. She opened it while on the phone with me and promptly burst out laughing. She kept laughing for the next five minutes. It was a stuffed Cthulhu.
5) As I was walking to work this evening, a small herd of deer crossed the road in front of me. This was right near Barnett.

Good times.
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