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I'm taking this one to the grave.

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March 26, 2009 | 12:58pm
Mood: my beard goes down to the floor and out through the door
Music: Holy Fuck - Royal Gregory

I worked last night, so I ended up getting up at 11am - which, considering how I went to bed at 7am, is by no means enough sleep. As per usual, I went into the bathroom, grimaced at the horrific sight that is my hair, and went to the bathroom.

Then I flushed.

No, just kidding. The toilet didn't explode. Instead, the water took forever to go down, and when I tried to wash my hands nothing came out of the faucet. Same thing happened when I tried the shower and then the kitchen sink.

Now, this is alarming because I don't actually pay for water; water, as well as garbage pick-up, comes with my rent. (It's also another reason why I don't care about my relatively high rent.) I wasn't able to get a hold of my landlady, so just when I was resigning myself to heading to campus with a horrible case of bed hair and disgusting breath, I stumbled across a guy working on the water main. So... I should have enough time to take a shower if he hurries.

ETA: My water was working fine by noon, thank god, and I promptly showered. Huzzah for no bed hair!

The moral of this story: Jesus spoke English. Thank you for your time.

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