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Hang on Giuliani.

Life's okay - took a Russian quiz that I aced, general school nonsense has been overwhelming my free time - but this entry isn't really about life. This is about something I mentioned in a previous entry: I've decided to write a romance novel. Not your typical harlequin or whatever (i.e. there will be no "throbbing members" or "pulsating vulvas" in my novel), but a story with a romance in it. And you, my faithful, loyal, highly attractive readers, get to have a say in it.

My plan is to write one chapter a week (depending on my free time), and I will post every chapter, unedited, to this journal. The fact that people will be reading my writing will, hopefully, motivate me to finish it. But first... I need to decide what to write. And that's where you come in. Just read everything behind the lj-cut and reply to this entry with your opinions.

Please choose from the following:

Pairing: m/m or m/f

Protagonist: male or female (e.g. I'd be willing to write a female protagonist for a m/m story)

First-person or third-person? Present tense or past tense?

Genre (all of these will have romance, of course; you may choose more than one): Mystery, Fantasy*, Science Fiction**, Realistic Fiction, Humor
* think Kim Harrison or Laurell K. Hamilton before she started writing porn, not David Eddings or Tolkien; magic in our world, with werewolves and vampires, not a completely different world.
** think Connie Willis, not C.J. Cherryh; advanced technology, not a completely different world.

Age Group: high school, college, adult

What is your favorite romance cliche? (Examples: hot guy falling for average girl, recovery from a bad break-up/rape/abuse/disease/food poisoning, "She was the daughter of a wealthy shipping magnate. He was a pirate on the Indian Ocean. It was LOVE at FIRST SIGHT.")
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