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walking by myself down avenues that reek of time to kill

i can say i hope it will be worth what i give up
if i could stand up mean for the things that i believe

Weekends are nice. Sitting around, reading, cooking, eating, listening to music, not leaving the apartment... it's amazing. I'm sure I'll be incredibly lonely by the end of the semester. Oh well.

Of course, I've spent the last few hours doing Russian homework and working on my translation. If I translate another word my head may just explode. But hey, if I want to get this thing done by March, I need to keep up this pace. It's only three pages a week, which shouldn't be a problem if I spread it out a little. Ugh. Whatever.

It's snowing. It really hasn't snowed any in Kirksville this year, or at least not while I've been here. It's pleasant. Of course, that's how I feel while watching it through a window. Now, the second I go outside I'll feel like slitting my wrists and moving somewhere where they don't get snow. Like Arizona. Or maybe Equador.

When did the romance genre get so cliched? Man, it's kind of ridiculous. I know, that's kind of a dumb question, but whatever. I'm tempted to write my own romance, just to prove that they don't have to be so shitty. Hmm...
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