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just another fix, can i weather this?

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January 20, 2009 | 03:21am
Mood: I never like anything I like.
Music: Digitalism - Pogo

Awkward is: being hit on by random drunk girls while at work. And, on occasion, the not-so drunk girl. And that one straight guy. But. Well. He wasn't that straight, now was he?

I never know what to say. "Um, well, um, uh, um, nice to meet you? *shrinks away* *writes confused livejournal entries* *weeps*"

But yeah, on a completely unrelated subject, I have discovered a new, surprisingly delicious variation on an old classic. Food-wise, that is. Take a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese, cook it, add half a cup of peas, half a cup of corn, and a quarter cup of (hot!) salsa. Mix. Eat. Cry tears of delight. Worship my ingenuity.

I'm at the end of a three-day weekend (thank you, Martin Luther King Jr.!). I literally spent the entire weekend sitting around my apartment, reading trashy online fiction. Good times. I also officially decided what I'll be translating for my capstone: Muzhskie Igry by Aleksandra Marinina (Мужские Игры Александры Маринины). It's going well, except for the fact that I'm having trouble translating the freakin' title of the book. I'm thinking "Masculine Games". Does that sound good to anyone?

ALSO: if someone posts a prompt, I might just be willing to write a short story/vignette. So. Give me a name, a word, a phrase, whatever.

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(no subject)

from: aodh
date: January 20, 2009 06:37pm (UTC)

спасибо большое! причина я думал, что *мужские* значит *masculine" - потому что в словари у меня пишется (it says, it's written), что *мужский* значит *male, masculine, manlike."

But "Serious Games" would work too... hmm. I think I'll check a few more dictionaries before I make a final decision. thanks for the help :)

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(no subject)

from: mr_m0rphine
date: January 20, 2009 06:53pm (UTC)

oh your dictionary is right of course. но я имею в виду не дословный перевод, я про переносное значение. masculine is propably just something serious, substantial.. or something..
перевод заголовка - это ведь вообще отдельная тема, у нас даже была целая лекция про это. очень часто перевод вообще по смыслу не совпадает с оригинальным названием. прочитай всё произведение - а там ясно будет :D
думаю, "жестокие игры" - самое звучное название. (но в россии уже есть фильм с таким названием - cruel intentions. as you see, it has not much to do with "games").

в общем, я думаю, у тебя там всё нормально xD

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