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cold cuts and calcutta

So, I've gone to all of my classes and have largely unsupported opinions about them that I'm going to share anyway, just because I can.

1) Ancient West Asia and Egypt: easy A. We have one 3-5pg paper, one small presentation, a few tests, and very minimal reading. I have a friend in the class - Jeff - so I won't be confused if the professor starts spouting historical nonsense that I don't understand.

2) Russian language: same as last semester. Same people, same professor, same textbook, etc. On Monday Dr. J gave back our finals from last semester and we reviewed them. I somehow managed to eke out an A (!!!) which pretty much made my life. I mean, I got the highest grade in the class on that final. Yes, I AM amazing.

3) Russian Culture: egads, the work! A shitload of reading. And writing. And movie-watching (ugh). Well, to be honest, I'm not terribly surprised. It is a Dr. J-class, after all.

4) Peoples of the Russian Empire: a shitload of reading. Since it covers the parts and the peoples of the world I find most fascinating, it'll be very interesting. Just a lot of work. Plus, I'm friends with, like, half of the people in the class. Give or take ten people.

5) Capstone: I'm going to translate something. Don't know what yet. Based on the syllabi for my other classes, the end of the semester will be horribly busy (term papers, presentations, and so on), so I currently intend to get my capstone project completed by spring break (early-mid March). We'll see how that goes...

My work schedule this semester is pretty godawful as well: Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday nights, 2-6am. Yeah, can't say I really like it, but it's money, and that's what counts. Plus it'll give me an opportunity to use the internet and print crap out. That's a good thing.

Unfortunately, it's ridiculously cold; it's currently -2*, supposed to get down to -10*, with a wind chill of -25. I work tonight. I get to walk to campus in that godawful weather. Oh boy. I'll just go ahead and call it practice for when I go to Siberia. Sigh.
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