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fell in love with a girl

I'm back in Kirksville. Sigh. My break wasn't nearly long enough.

Some interesting things: I now own an ottoman. This is exciting because I don't exactly have all that much in the way of furniture. In my living room I have two bookcases, an end table, and a futon. Now I have a really ugly ottoman that I found out by the dumpster. Well, at least I have somewhere to prop my feet now. And even more importantly: it was free! Hot damn!

Yesterday I went to the post office and applied for my passport. The guy said I should receive it in 4-6 weeks. I'm incredibly excited; I mean, I have one less excuse to not go abroad. I just need to buy a plane ticket (and figure out what exactly Visas are) and I can go anywhere in the world. And on that note, I'm contemplating backpacking across Europe this summer. Anyone interested? Contact me. Seriously.

Oh, and after eight years of buying textbooks, I bought the last books I'll ever need to buy. Well, until grad school. It was amazing - and surprisingly inexpensive.

One semester left... can I do it? Answer: god I hope so.
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