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so ridiculous.

The weather's been kind of ridiculous this week. The temperature ranged from -7 (Monday) to +60 (today). It's snowed, sleeted, rained, and flooded. The fog this morning was so heavy that you couldn't see more than a few feet in front of you. The foot of snow we had yesterday has melted to virtually nothing. Tonight it's supposed to snow again. I do believe the apocalypse is upon us.

Christmas was good. I've spent the week, well, reading. Surprise! I've officially read more books this year than last year. Official statistics will be coming soon.

My father and I went to a Russian bookstore today. He's been going on about the place for years now, telling me that he wants to bring me there, and that they have all sorts of books and CDs and shit like that. I've put it off because my Russian just wasn't good enough to bother buying anything before. Today I caved in.

We go, I look at the books, and my dad begins to act like an asshole. A group of Russians are up at the counter, talking in - wait for it - Russian. My father, in a very loud tone of voice, asks me, "What are they saying?" and then asks me to translate for him. I was mortified. I'm sorry, but you don't fucking act like that. I soon fled from the store. Every time I think I'm over being embarrassed by my parents' existence, my parents do something, well, embarrassing. Christ. I'll never win.

On the plus side, I did buy a book that I hope to translate for my capstone: Muzhskie Igry by Aleksandra Marinina. A detective novel by an author one of my professors recommended. It doesn't look too difficult, so I should manage to get somewhere with it. I hope.
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