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"Как долго я тебя искала..."

I own far too many books. It just took me an hour to literally dig through all of the bookcases and boxes and old backpacks to find a single book (Winter of Fire by Sherryl Jordan). I also found a whole slew of books I'd like to reread - or even read in a few cases - which was rather thrilling. But still. I own too many books. And there's no way in hell I'd ever get rid of a single one.

My new goal in life is to have a library in my future home. It will be a room dedicated to reading and writing: comfortable chairs, good natural lighting, and, best of all, bookshelves covering every wall. It will be paradise. Why yes, I am a bookworm, thank you for noticing.

We got 8" of snow last night, I've made a small (practically microscopic) amount of progress on my Peace Corps application, all that searching through books has resulted in a massive allergy attack, I seriously love my new default userpic, and this is my 3333rd LJ entry since July 2, 2001. What?
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