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what are we doing here?

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December 18, 2008 | 09:46pm
Mood: muffled screams

Rumor has it there's supposed to be 10+ inches of snow in Chicago tonight, starting at 7pm. It's 10pm and I haven't seen a snowflake. Now, I know I bitch a lot about the weather, but keep in mind the fact that I live over a mile from campus and I don't have any other means of transportation, so I'm up close and personal with the weather on a regular basis. Here in Chicago I don't need to leave the house, well, ever, and if my parents aren't around to drive, I'm only a block from a bus stop and two blocks from a Metra station. For now I'll admire the weather from the very warm confines of my own home.

I need to get cracking on this post-graduation stuff. But I'm freaking out. Oh lord I'm going to be a failure at being an adult. I need to figure out whether I should take a TEFL or CELTA certification course, and if so, which one, and where, and save up the money to take the damn course, and apply for jobs, and where do I want to live? I just want to be in Russia or another Russian-speaking country, goddammit, and maybe make enough money to live on. Is that so much to ask? Knowing my luck... yeah, probably. But yeah, fuck. (Don't be surprised if this is a returning feature in my journal. "Where did Adam apply to today? Answer: nowhere! Fuck!")

Grades were posted. I did as expected. Not utterly amazing, but my cumulative is still a 3.5. Not too shabby. Then again, compared to the GPA of some of my friends, that's actually kind of pathetic. I'm acquainted with too many overachievers.

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from: aodh
date: December 19, 2008 09:01pm (UTC)

The storm was originally supposed to go from 7pm-12pm, which ended up being bs. It pretty much stopped snowing (and started sleeting, sigh) by 9am. Very, very lame.

On the other hand, we got ~8 inches over night, which means we have about 11 or 12 in our yard. Exciting. :)

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