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So I'm back in Chicago.

Without internet.

Oh, god, this is getting old. I've been looking forward to having 24/7 internet since August, and now my computer refuses to connect to both the wireless I've been stealing for the last two years and the network that my mother uses. I find this very frustrating and annoying. I just want internet access, goddammit! FUCK!!!!!!!!

But yeah, there's a lot of snow out and I have no reason to go out in it. Huzzah! I've been reading like a motherfucker since Friday. Haven't written yet though. I've outlined a bit. Break goals include finishing the plague short story by Christmas and my NaNovel by... before school starts. Maybe? Something like that.

Things to which I will apply: Peace Corps, conservation programs, teach in Russia, teach in France (maybe?), teach in Washington, Survivor (seriously). I need to get on this or I'll end up living in a box somewhere after graduation. !!
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