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в моей квартире было без отопления

I'm sick of the wind. And ice. And snow. Fucking sick of 'em. They fuck with my hair and make me slip and practically break my back. Well, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Screw Siberia, I'm moving to the fucking equator.

But yeah, so Tuesday I had a Russian oral final on Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears (Москва слезам не верит) which went... rather poorly, actually. I was prepared for the question I received, but I stumbled over how to phrase my answers and I forgot some really, ridiculously easy vocabulary. Like, искать. Ugh. I've known that word since my first semester of Russian.

Yesterday I had my Public Speaking final. The professor told us the exact questions and how to answer them about five times over the last few weeks, so I was, needless to say, undaunted. Plus, my grade in the class is a high A, so I totally don't have to worry.

When I got home from class yesterday afternoon (trudging through snow and ice, of course), neither the heat nor the stove were working. I was rather concerned, considering how I've been having trouble with the gas company - long story, but in the end I'm right and they owe money - but I soon discovered that the gas was out in a good portion of Kirksville. Apparently a six inch high-pressure gas line was cut just south of town. It was cold as fuck. I slept with four blankets until the gas company came pounding on my door at 1am to relight the pilot light. At least I have heat now.

Three classes left this week! And only two finals next week! So close to break...
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