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p.s. twilight sucks

Let's see.

I stayed in Friday night because I wasn't in the mood to go out. That was probably a good idea, because I managed to get a full night of sleep, which was something that didn't happen again until last night.

Saturday I woke up at 7:30 because I'm lame like that. I sat around for a while, talked to Amanda on the phone, sat around for a while longer... Russian Club was supposed to get together at about 10am to go shopping for the Russian Club dinner. They didn't show up to my place until 12:30, and we didn't actually go to Wal-Mart/Hy-Vee until 1:30. Very lame. Then we cooked from about 3-8pm. It was just me, Erin, Christopher, and Jeff.

They all left, I sat around for a few more hours, and then Amanda picked me up and we went to the PRISM (gay/straight alliance) dance. It was... okay. Not as good as last semester, but fun enough. I had to leave early to go to work, which was pretty shitty, but whatever. I didn't get hit on like at the last dance, unless you count what happened when I checked in the (supposedly straight) DJ at 4am--but I won't go into that. Let's just say I've got animal magnetism. Cough.

After work, I slept three hours and everyone got together and cooked at Amanda and Erin's place. We made a shitload of foods, including mad_maudlin's recipes for plov and borshch. Barely anyone showed up for the dinner, but what the fuck ever. The food was delicious, even if we were exhausted and ready to kill one another by the end of the day.

So yeah, that was my weekend. I only have four classes this week, and nothing left to do for any of them, so whatever. I'm this close to break, bitches!
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