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я плохо чувствую себя

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September 23, 2008 | 01:44am
Mood: prostuda

The cold has gotten worse (much, much worse), and I've fairly certain that I've had a fever at various points over the last couple of days. But hey. At least I'm able to spread the joy (and the germs) of this goddamn cold at work tonight. That's what you get for being nasty, disease-ridden people.

I didn't get much sleep Sunday night, and so I took my Stats test at 8:30 in the morning, running on very little sleep, and with a very bad cold. I actually think I did fine for the first three pages, but then I couldn't get the first answer on the fourth page to work out, so I chose a random number and solved the rest of the problems on the page using that. Yeah, uh, can't say that was the smartest thing I've ever done, but maybe I'll get credit for knowing what formulas I was supposed to use.

I skipped Russian and slept for most of the afternoon. That was pleasant. I went ahead and wrote my paper for Russian Drama (due tomorrow) - it's only 6 pages long, but whatever, at least I did it. Tonight I'm just trying to make it through alive. I have food and drinks and I drugged myself up before I came, so hopefully I won't die. I'll just feel like I'm dying. No big change from the norm.

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(no subject)

from: aodh
date: September 25, 2008 05:17pm (UTC)

я думаю, что режиссер сейчас снимает третий фильм, но я может быть не right (как сказать по-русски?). мне понравятся эффекты (особенно с телебашней!), но я подумал, что у фильма был больше эффекты, чем заговор/интрига.

и конечно иностранцы (особенно американцы) знают о россии больше, чем ты и другие русские люди! ;) :P

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