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It's been a while since you've been so progressive

I'm alive, I swear. It seems I've been starting a lot of entries like this lately.

I'm currently at the tail-end of my work night, which is good, because I'm tired and bored. Bid night was last night (er, Friday night), so everyone's off getting shitfaced and coming in at obscene hours of the morning. Fortunately, nobody was too obnoxious, so I didn't have to call in the big guns.

Friday night was Caitlin's party. It was pretty awesome. I've missed hanging out with everyone... sigh. We played a few card games, made peanut butter pancakes, drank some wine (my first alcohol in about four months - geez, I'm such a teetotaler), watched some Project Runway, played Twister... good times. I'll upload pictures to Facebook and/or Flickr sometime soon.

I'm in a fairly good mood now because I (finally!) finished my Russian and Stats homework. Stats took forever, mainly because I started off using the wrong equation and became royally confused. Russian took forever because it was a lot of work. I also came up with topics for my Russian research paper (basically just a paper about one of the native peoples of Russia) and my Public Speaking Informative speech (endangered/extinct language revitalization). Holy fuck. How nerdy am I?

So, is anybody else out there into Project Runway? The final six just showed at Bryant Park and I'm feeling kind of obsessive. Leanne FTW!

It's been raining like a motherfucker lately - like, just about every day for the last two weeks or so. I'm feeling very waterlogged. My stats book hasn't been dry since the first week of the semester. Also, I think my backpack has sprung a leak. Hopefully the sun will come out... tomorrow. And suddenly I have the urge to join a band of singing orphans... hmm.
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