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We looked on in amazement as the sky turned red and the ground sank away

I've tried to come up with something to write for a while now, but the last few days have been relatively uneventful.

Remember my last entry, in which I was complaining about spiders in my apartment? Yeah, well, by Monday I'd killed seven spiders. Two of them were on my alarm clock, albeit at different times.

On Sunday I went to the Russian majors dinner at Dr. J's house. Basically, every year the Russian professors put together a dinner for everyone majoring in Russian. It was very good for two reasons: 1) we got to see where Dr. J lives! (She's a catlady, pretentious, and she's probably who I will become in another 30 years.) 2) I got to say goodbye to Amanda. Yeah, I saw her a week ago in Kansas, but she came up to Kirksville specifically to say goodbye before heading off to spend a year studying in Germany. Very sad.

Monday I didn't have 3rd year Russian, which meant I was able to go home and eat lunch. I then went to JavaCo and met up with Amanda (not the one studying in Germany) and Caitlin. It was exciting to have the gang back together, and to hear about Caitlin's exploits at the DNC and RNC. Caitlin's going to have a party Friday, so that'll be pretty fun I think.

Nothing interesting to say about yesterday.

Today is going to be a very long day. I have a (4th year) Russian quiz this afternoon that I'm more or less prepared for. Russian conversation table at JavaCo at 5:30 tonight. Maybe PRISM (GSA) at 8. Plus four classes and random breaks. I've been lugging around four textbooks and my computer all morning, and after Public Speaking I'm going to head home to drop off a couple of these books. My back's killing me. God, I'm such an old man.
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