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I somehow managed to look up lyrics in Russian.

I just spent about an hour translating Soviet propaganda. That was, well, probably useless.

I did nothing yesterday. Nothing. It was amazing and relaxing and awfully boring.

My apartment seems to have been taken over by spiders. Proof:
1) I sat down at my desk, felt something on my knee, jumped up, and after it fell off I realized that it was a spider. At this point I may have yelped. I then grabbed a shoe and killed that motherfucker.

2) I was walking around my apartment, studying (I know, studying on a Saturday - insane. Not to mention the whole studying while walking thing), when I spotted a huge spider on the wall, right next to my desk. I mean, this spider was huge. Possibly the size of Chicago, or maybe even Delaware. It was also fast. So if you are picturing a spider the size of a small Eastern European country with the speed of a Boeing 747, you're on the right track. I grabbed a shoe, decided that it wasn't big enough, and went searching around the apartment for something large that I could do without. So I grabbed an empty box. I was just about to hit the little SOB when I decided that the box wasn't hard enough for my purposes. Then... I grabbed a tupperware container out of the cabinet, got a piece of paper, and trapped the spider inside. I very, very carefully navigated my way toward the front door, realized that I'd left the toilet seat up, and turned into the bathroom instead. I flushed the motherfucker. About two minutes later I flushed again. I WILL NOT HAVE ZOMBIE SPIDERS COMING UP OUT OF MY TOILET, DAMN IT.

But yeah, if I see one more spider this weekend I may be forced to burn down my apartment building. Just sayin'.

Here are some of the pictures from last weekend:
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