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"It's a fucking WALK-OFF."

I'm so tired. So very, very tired. What a long week.

This morning I took the Russian placement exam. Dr. J graded it in about an hour and got it back to me after Russian Drama. That's actually extremely impressive, considering how she still hasn't gotten me back my final paper from Soviet Cinema... which I took three semesters ago. Or was it four? Christ, I don't know anymore.

Okay, so basically, Dr. J said she wanted me in the second semester of third year Russian. Which, well, isn't possible. We went through some possible scenarios (third year this year + next year in Russia; fourth year this year + failing miserably; etc) and this is what we decided on - now pay attention, it's kind of complicated:

1) I drop third year Russian and pick up fourth year.
2) I drop Portuguese, because I'm going to be spending a shitload of time studying for fourth year, and I was just taking it for fun anyways.
3) I keep attending the third year classes, but I won't have to do any of the work - I just go for the grammar lessons. That's okay with me.

If need be, I can switch back down to third year within the next month. The only problem? I can't sell back my goddamn Portuguese books. Lame!

So basically... I'm in fourth year Russian, I'm taking 12 credits this semester, and I'm going to graduate in May. Sup bitches? (PLUS: my summer class credits + grade will transfer in. Hello good GPA!)

The power went out briefly this evening, but hey, at least I got some studying done. No Russian, considering how I don't have the book and all. At least Stats is fairly simple.

On a completely unrelated topic: I'll be heading off to Kansas this weekend with some friends. Yeah, I know, Kansas - but it should be pretty fun. Of my circle of friends, Red Amanda and Kara will be spending the year studying in Germany, Hannah got a Fulbright and is off in Russia, and Stephanie is going... somewhere... with the Peace Corps. That leaves me, Erin, Christopher, Curly Amanda, and Jeff. Kind of depressing. Sigh. LONG LIVE THE THIRD SECTOR!
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