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Today is a good day.

Have you ever thought about the internet? I mean, really thought about it? It's such an amazing thing. You can communicate with people with whom you'd otherwise not have the opportunity to communicate - people from such far-flung locales as California and Florida and Russia and Germany. The internet opens a whole new world, and not just in the Aladdin meaning of the phrase. You can look at Beijing and Yakutsk, Mexico City and Christchurch. You can become informed of different views of the same issue and have access to instant news coverage and vast dictionaries and encyclopedias. You can date, look at pornography, chat, look at pictures, read books, do your shopping, and so much more. All of this, in the last 25 years!

It's one of those things I just have to stop and think about every now and then. And then I return to my selfish, materialistic lifestyle. Sup Generation Y/2000/whatever it's called this week?

Things that make me happy:
- reading good books
- listening to good music
- laughing
- being self-restrained but not being obsessive/neurotic about it
- my cats getting along
- eating good food
- raiding my parents' cabinets for food to take with me back to school
- having options
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