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Tell me that I'm the only one that you'll live and breathe to see.

We were just 45 minutes out of Chicago when we were hit by a car. It hit the right rear of the car, totally smashing the trunk. This was just feet behind me. Almost all of my worldly possessions were in that trunk. Although I've been rather achy since the accident, nobody was hurt. The car was (probably) totalled. Fortunately, nothing was destroyed. We were lucky. Of course, this kind of put a damper on my return home, and we need to go back to Indiana early tomorrow morning to return the rental car. I have to go because I'm the only person with any semblance of navigating skills in the family.

Needless to say, I'm looking forward to getting (and staying) the fuck out of Indiana.

In other news, I am the proud owner of a new, fairly inexpensive laptop (Lenovo IdeaPad). It's amazing. And beautiful. I think I may be forced to bear its children. Plus, the speakers are ridiculously amazing, which is always a plus. I mean, we're talking fucking amazing speakers here. I practically came in my boxers when I first turned these puppies on.

So, now that I'm actually able to see the screen without a flashlight - what's up? I haven't read my friends page in over a week and I'm not planning to go back through it. Summarize your week. Tell me all the dirty details. I'm curious, I'm bored, I'm in pain, and I'm in a really shitty mood, so make it funny... or else.
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