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Don't take a genius to understand the reason why.

Which should I take?

PORT 101 - Elementary Portuguese
HIST 382 - Soviet History

PORT 101 - Elementary Portuguese I
+ Since I've already studied French, Italian, and Spanish, it would be really, ridiculously easy
+ Good grades = good GPA = good law school
+ I've wanted to learn Portuguese for about 1.5 years
- It's a 100-level class... and I'll be taking two others
+ It's a 100-level class, and I'll be taking two others!
- I'll have to go to tutoring... ugh
+ The professor's supposed to be good
+/- This would just be an elective/GPA booster (and no, I'm not ashamed to admit it)

HIST 382 - Soviet History
+ I absolutely love the professor
+ I absolutely love the subject
+ I KNOW I'll learn a lot
- It'll be a lot of work, and I'd like to have a nice, easy semester for a change
- Amanda's not taking this class any more (due to studying abroad in Germany), so it'll just be me and Christopher
- This would not be an easy A
+ The professor gave me an A in the last Russian History class I took with her, so I know an A is possible
+/- This would just be an elective - I already fulfilled the History requirement for my Russian major

I would just base my decision on how much the books for either class cost, but the difference is negligible. As in, Soviet History is 75 cents more expensive.

Also, if you've read this far, I'd just like to thank you for your help. I obviously have problems making decisions without the advice/scorn of my peers (read: people I don't know and will never meet). So. Thank you, anonymous internet stalkers! <3

I'm doing surprisingly well on verbs of motion. As in, I've barely been making any mistakes. I'm kind of impressed with myself, actually. We just have three hours of grammar tomorrow, our final Thursday, and we get grades/the program ends on Friday. Where did the summer go? Christ. School starts in t-minus 2.5 weeks. I still have to go to Chicago and then Missouri and move to my new apartment and buy books and study for the GRE/LSAT and apply to random jobs and scholarships and programs...

It's been over half a week and I'm still liking the idea of law school. If I go through with it it'll be in the distant future - maybe four or five years from now, give or take a year or two. But whatever. I plan to hit the 170s on the LSAT and raise my GPA a point or two over the next year. With enough studying, I'm fairly certain that I can accomplish both tasks. Okay, I'll shut up about my ever-changing life plans. But hey, this is what's been on my mind lately, so y'all can deal.

A woman I talk to occasionally tried to convert me today. That gave me warm fuzzies. I don't know if she was more distressed to hear that I'm ethnically Jewish or that I'm an atheist.

Also, I'm voting for Paris Hilton. Are you? (And doesn't her energy plan make a lot of sense?)
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