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nu, pogodi!

Yet another computer has bit the dust. Well, sorta. Earlier today the screen went black and, well, now I can't see anything without a flashlight. Yeah, so if you're picturing me sitting here holding a flashlight in my mouth, then you're not too far off. It's kind of depressing, in a "oh god what the fuck will I do without a computer?!" sort of way. Needless to say, I won't be a particularly active journaler/commenter over the next few weeks.

In class today I accidentally began speaking Russian with a French accent. Donc, je pense que mon francais n'est pas trop mauvais. Eh, peut-etre un peu. Fuckin' French.

New thought: law school. I have the GPA to get into pretty much any school I'd want, minus some of the brand names. I would need to take the LSAT. However, if I go, I won't be doing so until after I do the Peace Corps and/or I go to grad school and/or I take over a good portion of Eastern Europe. But it's still an option. Just like the 97 other ideas I've thought up. Hell, who ever said that liberal arts majors have no job options? I'm suffering from too many! Or maybe I'm just not picky... (Not that I'm complaining.)
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