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I'll cut your little heart out

Got back our chapter 5 test today: 5-. Still did better than almost everyone else in the class. I also turned in my Kartina recording, and apparently I was the first person in the program to have done so. Since when am I efficient and overachieving? Sheesh. Oh, and we started learning participles in grammar today. Пример: "Это мужчина, встречающийся с ней."

My body's kind of falling apart right now. I cut myself fairly badly with a pair of scissors earlier (long story, let's just say that I don't have the steadiest hands), I stubbed my toe, and I have a splinter in my foot that I can't remove. At this rate I'm probably going to die before the week is up. On the other hand, I ate really well today: several servings of fruits, a veggie burger, milk, and... potato chips. Oh well. Can't be perfect all the time.

I'm debating whether or not I should change my schedule for this upcoming semester. I'm currently registered for Russian lang, Russian Drama, Soviet History, Statistics, and Public Speaking. I'm thinking about dropping one of the latter three - probably Soviet History - and picking up either Portuguese (for a nice easy A) or Geography of Africa (since geography has always fascinated me). Hmm.

Also, here's a pretty awesome song: Battles - Leyendecker.
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