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reach out and touch

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July 20, 2008 | 07:02pm
Mood: your own personal
Music: Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

Today I woke up at seven, shaved, showered, and walked to Target. I needed to buy either a cassette tape or a microphone and a CD-R; part of the final grade in my Phonetics class is recording ourselves reading a text out loud. Target was out of cassettes, so I went with the microphone and CD-R. While I was at it I got some food, cleaning supplies, and toilet paper (!). I then walked back to the dorm, dropped everything off, and got breakfast. Then I read fanfiction and napped.

After my nap I recorded myself reading the text and then did my homework. Now I'm reading fanfiction. Even though I got up at an ungodly hour of the morning, it was still a good day.

I don't have anything to say really. I'm not looking forward to the weekend ending, but whatever, I'll survive. Now... more fanfiction. Sigh. Sorry my life is so boring.

Also, just for the hell of it: anyone out there watching Project Runway? What do you think so far? After the first episode, my favorite designers are Wesley, Daniel, and Keith. This may or may not be due to the fact that they're all ridiculously attractive. Or uh yeah. Cough. (And the season romance is apparently between Wesley and Daniel. My favorites! In a relationship! Sweet Jesus!)

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