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An Entry In Which I Discuss My One True Love

Tomorrow is the Russian midterm. I'm more or less convinced that I will die. I mean, yeah, I'm studying (honest!), but there's a shitload of grammar and I still can't differentiate between такой же and так же, and I can never remember when to use себя and сам, and the vocabulary is ridiculous (100+ words per chapter, and we've studied four chapters), and ugh. After my midterm I'm going to get food, eat, and pass out, not necessarily in that order.

In other news: for all you Russians/Russophones out there (all, uh, three of you), I'm now on vkontakte. Add me so I don't feel lonely and pathetic. Or, if you don't have an account, get one! Давай! ALSO: we watched/translated/sang (ugh) this song in video lab today. It's Я шагаю по Москве (I walk around Moscow), from an old movie of the same name. It's ridiculously catchy... and really, really good. Even if you don't know Russian, I highly recommend this song.

Lately I've been trying to type more in Russian. I'm not typing at even remotely the same speed I type in English; 110 wpm in Russian will only happen when I'm fluent, and probably not even then. I've also been reading and understanding much more than only a month ago. I'm quite happy with how much my Russian has been improving. At least this program is good for something.
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