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Dear Jane,

Holy fuck, raisins are addictive.

Since I last wrote, we visited Wade's store, Bill's side of the mountain, spent a night in Charleston, WV, and spent another night in Louisville, KY. I moved into the dorm on Thursday. Friday was orientation and our first class (!).

Long story short, I'm taking Russian language classes this summer at Indiana University to catch up on my major and to hopefully graduate on time. The people in my class are grad students and undergrads from across the country. My language skills are middle of the pack - I'd say I'm the strongest of the people who haven't been to Russia, but weaker than those who have.

IU is downright humongous; I'm getting a great workout just walking to class and to the cafeteria. Bloomington is ridiculously amazing. My dorm room is on the 11th floor of the building (!). Keep in mind that my college consists of 6500 students in a town with a population of 17,000, and Kirksville is the largest town for 100 miles... and there definitely aren't any buildings with 11 floors. But hey! I have a great view.

I don't really have anything else to say. Classes start for real next week. I'm sure I'll be whining about them soon enough. Now, I really need to study...
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