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oh look it's come to this

View from our hotel window.

Downtown Elkins, WV.

Driving along Georgetown Road. (A long back road that leads from Elkins to Beverly, WV.)

Along Georgetown Road.

Still Georgetown Road.

Georgetown Road again.

Georgetown Road.

The bank in downtown Beverly, WV. Built in 1900.

Ann and her bees.

Goin' hiking.

Wade & Lady

The Cheat River.

The Cheat River (again).

More Cheat.

Grandma. (My mother took this photo.)

im in ur mirror, bein closer than i appeer

I went hiking with my uncle today. He was planning on taking his dogs Lady and Pita for a run up the mountain, so I went with him. We drove for 45 minutes on gravel and dirt roads - hitting seemingly every single pothole along the way - got out, and hiked for an hour and a half. We then drove for another 20 minutes to the Cheat River. And then we returned home. I really do enjoy hiking, but I just don't have the opportunity to do it very often. Kirksville is close to a few state parks; I should take advantage of it while I still have the chance.
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