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Give hell just a quick once over

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May 1, 2008 | 10:26pm
Mood: I'm not doing this.
Music: Neva Dinova - Clouds

I'm down to three (3) papers left to revise. Beyond some studying for tomorrow's Russian test - for which I feel fairly prepared and confident, since studying with Amanda went so well - I'm going to take a break this evening. After classes tomorrow I'll do my French Business final (which is watching a movie I've seen before and creating a teaching lesson... why am I not going to be a French teacher again?) and then relax. This weekend will be PAPER MANIA!!!!

As far as finals are concerned, my only real final is Russian. JINS and Russian Lit are just papers, French Business is the movie thing I talked about earlier, and I've pretty much completed what needs to be done for French Phonology. Of course, I have a shitload of other stuff to do next week, so it won't be quite as pleasant as it sounds. I have so little motivation right now that it's not even funny. Fuck.

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