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Chicks dig writers.

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April 6, 2008 | 10:35pm
Mood: tired
Music: Iron & Wine - Boy With A Coin

Friday I worked on the Russian lit paper from hell. It's 14 pages long and I'm really happy with it, but it was a bitch to write. Saturday I went to the TLS dance party with Kara and Hannah, which was okay, but we had more fun at Hannah's afterward, where we held our own dance party. I then went to work.

Today I slept for about nine billion hours and came down with a cold and/or severe allergies (I sneezed six times in a row... if that's not a sign that I'm sick then I don't know what is). I finished up my JINS paper from hell and now I'm studying for tomorrow's Russian test. There's surprisingly little grammar, and I feel relatively confident about it all, but we'll see. Не забудь: столитцей Эстонии является Таллинн. (With all the Russian that's been in my last few journal entries, it should be obvious that I've figured out how to set my keyboard to Cyrillic...)

Exciting stuff is happening with my writing. Also, just one more six page paper due Tuesday and I will be able to relax for a change; the last couple of weeks have been ridiculous. I need a break. One more month left of my junior year of college... thank god.

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