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Well I don't live but I love my life.

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March 2, 2008 | 03:57am
Mood: indie-folk
Music: Findlay Brown - Don't You Know I Love You

Friday I had a Russian vocab quiz (which I bombed) and a French Business test (which was... well... lame). That evening I had dinner with Caitlin and then got together with the Third Section (Sector?) - well, some of them. We had a veritable feast of blini. The best topping combination: cookie dough and strawberry yogurt. We watched Archangel, which was kind of like the Da Vinci Code for Russian-lovers... only, better. Then I went home and slept.

Saturday I didn't do much at all, but fuck, the weather was nice, so that made up for it. At about eight I went to Christopher's, where he had a movie night. We watched Interstate 60, which was surprisingly good, and Back to the Future. I was kind of surprised that most of the people there hadn't seen the latter film. By the time the movies ended, I had an hour to go before work, so I went home just long enough to charge my iPod.

The next week will be fairly busy, but I should (hopefully?) survive. Just gotta write the Russian Lit paper and I'll be fine...

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