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"The girls' personalities... a lot of them are on milk boxes; they're missing."

A summary of the last week: Tuesday night I hung out with Amanda/Erin/Kara. Wednesday we didn't have class since it was a University Conference day, so I sat around for a while and then went on a photography safari with Amanda and Caitlin. I worked Wednesday night. Thursday I had a shitload of homework and I practically collapsed from exhaustion. I got back my JINS test on Friday & I got an A, which makes me pretty happy. On Friday I went out for dinner with The Third Sector and we went to Erin's, where we watched Murder, She Wrote and The Usual Suspects. Saturday I slept... a lot... and worked. Sunday (today) I did quite a bit of homework and very little else.

I have semi-unofficially decided to spend my fourth year of college in Russia. Following that, I'll come back for a semester, finish up exactly nine credits, and graduate. I'd then like to join the Peace Corps and do their Master's International program. So. There you have it. I have the next ~5-6 years planned out. Let's see how many times that'll change in the next week, shall we?

As always, click for a larger version.

This is one of my favorite photographs of all time.

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