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I can heal all the blind, I can cure all the sick

Still don't know if I'm going to study abroad or not. I have time to decide, but I'd really like to make a decision sooner than later. I wish I had the money to not worry about graduating without being perilously in debt. I wish I were majoring in something that would lead to a real profession. I wish I knew what I'll be doing with my life. I wish a lot of things. Blah blah blah bitch moan.

I got my first JINS paper back today with the words "Beautifully done" written next to the grade. That made my day. Well, that and the hot pockets I had for lunch. I love hot pockets.

Since I don't have anything better to do with my time (like study one of my languages, or write that pesky Russian Lit paper, or work out), I've begun to write a new story. It incorporates many references to obscure works of Russian literature. That's right -- I'm actually putting my college education to work, bitches! Or, shall I say... ciphers?

Christ I'm pretentious.
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