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And we'll double the states you've seen.

This is just a real quick post before class.

I have four tests this week (French Phon&Gram today, the Junior Assessment Test this evening, and Russian and JINS tomorrow) and a paper for Russian Lit due Thursday. I'm ridiculously busy and stressed and blaaah.

I'm debating whether or not I should go to Russia next year. My professors say I should go, my friends say I should go, my heart says I should go... but my bank account says I should graduate ASAP. I'm very conflicted. If I go, I will be in Moscow this fall and Irkutsk next spring, and I'll have to stick around Kirksville for another semester/year. If I don't go, I will graduate next spring. I want to graduate, like, a lot, but I think I might want to study abroad even more. Anyone want to decide for me? Or, even better: anyone want to finance my fifth year of college?

Now I need to go to class. Here's to hoping that my French Phonology & Grammar test won't have either the futur antérieur or -- even worse -- the passé antérieur...
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