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"Team Star is like, hot, like star, like celebrity."

Telling a group of girls that you hated Pride & Prejudice (the book, not one of the myriad of movie/miniseries versions) is... not the brightest of ideas. Just sayin'.

I've slept more this weekend than I've slept in the last, like, month. It's pretty ridiculous... yet amazing.

La semaine prochaine, j'aurai trois examens: la phonologie et la grammaire advancée, JINS, et l'examen pour des "juniors." J'aurai une composition de la littérature russe aussi. Merde on a stick.

I got a free 3' fiberoptic Christmas tree on Friday, thanks to Hannah. I have officially named him Ivan the Terrible. He's pretty fierce. (Can you tell I've been watching a lot of Project Runway? Christian FTW, bitches!)
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