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in which large paragraphs are contained

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January 17, 2008 | 09:10pm
Mood: satisfied
Music: Sea Wolf - Black Dirt

More class chat: Advanced Phonology and Grammar is almost definitely going to be one of my favorite classes this semester. Even though it's entirely in French, and there are only seven people in the class, I still feel comfortable enough to speak up. It'll be a lot of work -- which is to be expected from a 400-level class -- but I'm rather satisfied with my decision to take this class. Modern Russian Novel will be more Russian Literature. Interesting, discussion-based, etc, etc. This semester is not going to require anywhere near as much work as last semester. That is a very, very good thing.

Yesterday was Amanda's birthday. I baked her orange cinnamon rolls, drew her a picture (which included zombies, pirates, and Santa Claus) and we went to see Juno -- at the movie theater. Gasp, I know. I really liked it. I'm kind of surprised it's so popular, considering how it has my sort of sense of humor. Then I did my homework for a few hours, went to work, and wrote. Nobody came in after 2:30, and the internet wasn't working, so that was fairly shitty. Today I got home from class at about a quarter after three, passed out at 4:30, and slept until 8:30. I'm still tired. I just haven't gotten enough sleep this week.

I have completed a short story! It desperately needs editor(s), so... yeah. It's a cannibalized chapter from my 2007 NaNoWriMo novel. I am currently in the process of writing another short story as well. Where the former is more contemplative and sad, the latter is more representative of my overall work over the last year or so. Basically, that means at some point in 2007 much of my writing began to take on a humorous, almost sardonic feel at points. It can still be a serious story -- which they often are -- but there is a sense of humor that never used to be there. Examples of this can also be found in my NaNovel, although not to quite as great an extent. Why am I explaining this? Christ, it's not like anyone's actually going to read this shit. Whatever.

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