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If your love won't let you float

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December 15, 2007 | 04:30am
Mood: worn out
Music: Sissy Wish - Float

I would just like to say that I have one (1) paper left to write this semester. Of course, it's 10 pages... in French... and I kinda don't know what the fuck I'm going to write about... but dammit, I'm almost free!

For the curious, I have written 34 pages in two languages since 12am Thursday morning. One of the papers was just stream-of-consciousness babbling about TV evangelists and Jesus' face appearing on toast... in French. It was pretty much the greatest thing I've ever written.

After I'm done with my French paper on Le Cid, I get to write a few personal statements for the study abroad scholarship. If I don't get it, then fuck it, I'm still going to Russia. Even though I can't afford to go without the scholarship... whatever. On the other hand, I managed to find three professors who were willing to give me recommendations, so that that made me feel good about myself, which was nice.

I'm so motherfucking tired and stressed and borderline depressed. I want to go pass out like fuck. Just 1.5 hours and I can leave this hellhole. And then I won't have to work for another month or so. And within two days I get to leave Kirksville for the first time since the beginning of August. I'm looking forward to being able to read something other than, y'know, Russian literature. On the other hand, I plan on finishing Anna Karenina and reading Bely's Petersburg over break. Oh well.

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